Wild Boars e-sports
Who are we

Wild Boars e-sports is a clan full of players from around the world. While we have a primarily Polish player base, we still have an incredibly diverse team. Within WBO, our main goal is to help each other better their play, through the use of 1v1 custom games, Peepmode Arcade games, and clan wars! During custom matches, we have several higher ranking clan members oversee the game, and offer advice to both players upon the end of the game.

We use stricly constructive criticism and thrive off of positivity, while at the same time deleting negative aspects of people's play. The most important aspect of WBO is that we consider ourselves a brotherhood more than a clan. We are always willing to help other people out and sacrifice our own time to achieve greatness amongst us all!

Our plan

As our slogan says, our mission is to make Starcraft 2 great again! We believe that this is the best game in the world, and we would like to spread that belief to other people. The way we plan on achieving this is to make WBO more than a clan, we intend to make it a family. We believe that through this family, we can encourage people to want to play Starcraft 2, and not become discouraged by its high learning curve.

We also plan on advertising our clan wars as much as possible to show people how fun Starcraft 2 can be, even if you aren't playing at a super high level. Lastly, we want to eventually make WBO a serious name in Starcraft 2. We want to develop elite players (as well as people who just want to play for fun) so that we can make WBO a competitive brand!

To make StarCraft 2 great again!


Wild Boars E-sports is currently looking for active, English speaking StarCraft 2 players. League requirement for joining main WBO team is Diamond or Masters league in 1v1 LOTV on the European server. If you want to join, find us on StarCraft 2.

You have to type WBO in clan searching and then type to clan owner or one of the officers, you can also email the clan leader wboesp@gmail.com


Wild Boars e-sports Academy is open for bronze - platinum 1v1 LOTV players. We also require English here, to join academy you have to search WBOaca in SC2 and type to one of the officers. We offer coaching and other kinds of practise with main team members.

Events Calendar
WBO vs. HvH
20:00 19.06.2017 Diamond-Master Bo11
WBO 0:0 HvH
WBO Academy vs. axis
19:00 10.06.2017 Silver-Platinum Bo9
WBO Academy 3:1 axis (Walkover!)
WBO vs. axis
18:00 04.06.2017 Diamond-Master Bo9
WBO 5:4 axis
WBO vs. theDOH
Diamond-Master Bo9
WBO 5:4 theDOH
Diamond-Master Bo9
WBO vs. Iron Chain
Diamond-Master Bo9
WBO 5:3 Iron Chain